Under, Over and Out of This World

Illustration for the exhibition Amazing Adventures, 2019

Amazing Adventures is an exhibition of art inspired by the works of Jules Verne, which will be displayed in London, UK from the 9th-12th April 2019. I'm very excited to be part of this exhibition!


For my piece I decided to take the infographic route and depict all the places and journeys Verne's imagination takes us in his novels. It was really interesting to find out about the backgrounds and plots of the lesser known stories in my research and to realise just how much of the world he covered. If Verne has covered an area in the world of interest to you, why not pick up one of his books for a more adventurous alternative to a travel guide.

For each novel, I created an icon to represent it either by its theme or a common object/creature within. Using a legend I was then able to link each journey/location to a novel.

If you'd like to see this and more from other artists for Amazing Adventures, be sure to get yourself a ticket (free) and head to The Framers Gallery. For more details, visit the facebook page.